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Wings of Glory (Observing “Blink”)

Wings of Glory (Observing “Blink”)

Is there a better episode to introduce new viewers to Doctor Who than Blink? Sure, it’s a little unrepresentative of the show considering the Doctor is barely in it, but the essential elements are there: a fantastical world, a normal person pulled slowly into it, and a monster for the ages. Blink had both hardcore Whovians and casual fans buzzing when it debuted in 2007, but has it been long enough that cracks are starting to show in the stone facade? We dare to climb the pedestal where Blink stands to look closely at whether it’s just as epic as it ever was. We’ll try not to… close our eyes briefly.

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Story Essentials

  • Series 3, Episode 10

  • Story number: 189, per the The Pull To Open Codex

  • Production Code: 3.10

  • Writer: Steven Moffat

  • Showrunner: Russell T. Davies

  • Aired 9 June 2007

Pull To Open: Blink

  • Season 3

  • Episode 39

Hosts: Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor

Feedback loop and interlude music: Martin West/Thinking Fish

Outro music: Chronos by Alexander Nakarada

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