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Sense and Sensorites (Exhausting "The Sensorites")

Sense and Sensorites (Exhausting "The Sensorites")

The very first season of Doctor Who is a landmark for many reasons — the introduction of the mysterious Doctor and his granddaughter, the original story to feature the Daleks, and historical adventures involving the Aztecs and the French Revolution. The Sensorites, not so much. Still, there must be a reason the Randomizer sent Pete and Chris here — could this story about a race of telepathic weirdos with dad bods actually be a hidden gem? With some of the first references to Gallifrey's orange sky and silver trees and Ian's odd choice of turtleneck, The Sensorites can't be ignored, and might it actually have some points to make about class and violence? Put the TARDIS lock on ice, we might be here a while...

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Story Essentials

  • Season 1, Serial 7

  • Story number: 7, per the The Pull To Open Codex

  • Production Code: G

  • Writer: Peter R. Newman

  • Producer: Verity Lambert

  • Aired 20 June - 1 August 1964

Pull To Open: The Sensorites

  • Season 2

  • Episode 10

Hosts: Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor

Outro music: Chronos by Alexander Nakarada

Audio clip from Big Finish adventure Human Resources, Part 2.

Pull To Open
Pull To Open
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