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Rage-Quitting Doctor Who: A History

Rage-Quitting Doctor Who: A History

Whether you’re a fan of a TV show, movie series or comic book, it’s almost guaranteed your fandom will be tested at some point. As creative teams come and go, as changes in direction stack up, as the medium evolves, the flavor of something can change radically. And if you don’t like the taste, it can be a rapid progression from disappointment to hate-watching to quitting in disgust.

Doctor Who is no exception to this, and it probably goes double given its built-in reboot device of regeneration. Beyond the normal creative churn, there have been specific moments in the show’s history that are (in)famously controversial and certainly inspired many fans to walk away and never come back — the moments that made us rage-quit. At the same time, sometimes interest in the show simply peters out, leading the related but different phenomenon of the “meh” quit.

In this special episode, we discuss those rage- and meh-quitting moments in our own lives as well the more notorious ones among Doctor Who fandom.

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Pull To Open: Rage-Quitting Doctor Who: A History

  • Season 4

  • Episode 18

Hosts: ⁠⁠Pete Pachal⁠⁠ and ⁠⁠Chris Taylor⁠⁠

Music: Martin West/⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Thinking Fish⁠

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There are many Doctor Who podcasts. Only one dares review the entire show... in entirely random order!
Join journalists Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor as they summarize stories in record time, play the Whomoji game, enter the History Corner, answer the Four Questions to Doomsday, and cower in fear before the almighty Randomizer.
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