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No Place Like Rome (Indulging “The Romans”)

No Place Like Rome (Indulging “The Romans”)

Some say Doctor Who’s The Romans is just a romp, a bit of silliness, and not that consequential. Don’t you believe it. It’s arguably the story where the Doctor has the most sweeping and destructive effect on history as we know it. We might all be living in the “bad” timeline right now — one where Rome burned and Nero’s expensive reconstruction hastened the weakening of the empire. Consider the outcome if a certain Time Lord’s spectacles didn’t incinerate the emperor’s plans: a stronger Rome, one that might have withstood the test of time and led to even greater progress for all mankind. We’ll never know, though, and all because the Doctor felt like making a house call to an emperor. Now who’s the time meddler, hmm?

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Story Essentials

  • Season 2, Serial 4

  • Story number: 12, per the The Pull To Open Codex

  • Production Code: M

  • Writer: Dennis Spooner

  • Producer: Verity Lambert

  • Aired 16 January - 6 February 1965

Pull To Open: The Romans

  • Season 3

  • Episode 20

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