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Decoding the Codex (A Pull To Open Short Trip)

Decoding the Codex (A Pull To Open Short Trip)

The question of what constitutes a complete story in Doctor Who isn't a straightforward as it may seem. The issue actually first reared its rubber-masked head fairly early on, when, in the third season, the show decided to "tease" its most epic adventure yet, The Daleks' Masterplan, with a single one-off episode called Mission to the Unknown. It even gave Mission a unique production code that tied it to that 12-part(!) adventure. So... is it its own story, or what? Years later, The Trial of a Time Lord scrambled things even more, giving its four sort-of-separate stories individual production codes, but labeling and marketing the entire 14-episode season as a single story. And don't get us started on Extremis or Flux.

Or rather — do! In this Pull To Open Short Trip, we examine the most difficult decisions we made to create our absolutely authoritative, definitive, take-it-to-the-Shadow-Proclamation record of all the Doctor Who televised adventures: the Pull To Open Codex! Fire up your spreadsheets and start honing your head canon — this one's going to be... educational.

The Pull To Open Codex

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Pull To Open: Decoding the Codex

  • Season 4

  • Episode 11

Hosts: Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor

Music: Martin West/Thinking Fish

Pull To Open
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