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Are You My Mummies? (Disturbing "Pyramids of Mars")

Are You My Mummies? (Disturbing "Pyramids of Mars")

Doctor Who doesn't reference ancient Egypt often. But when it does, the result is Pyramids of Mars, cited as classic by many for its chilling villain and additions to the show's lore (like the Doctor's age and the coordinates of Gallifrey). With brutish robots disguised as mummies, a powerful evil mastermind, and Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen at the top of their game, there's much to like. But does the story really stand on its own merits, or does it over-rely on its creepy Egyptian motif, something that probably resonated more with a 1970s audience primed by "Chariots of the Gods?" Chris and Pete take a peek into alternative time to take a position on whether Pyramids deserves a spot in the Top 10 Doctor Who Stories of All Time and Space. The stage is Set… (See what we did there?)

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Story Essentials

  • Season 13, Serial 3

  • Story number: 81, per the The Pull To Open Codex

  • Production Code: 4G

  • Writers: Stephen Harris (pen name for Robert Holmes and Lewis Greifer)

  • Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe

  • Aired 25 October – 15 November 1975

Pull To Open: Pyramids of Mars

  • Season 2

  • Episode 5

Hosts: Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor

Outro music: Chronos by Alexander Nakarada

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