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All Thirteen (Honoring "The Day of the Doctor")

All Thirteen (Honoring "The Day of the Doctor")

Is "The Day of the Doctor" a great Doctor Who episode or the greatest Doctor Who episode? It sounds like a tongue-in-cheek question, but in the case of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, we're as serious as UNIT nuclear protocols in the event of a Zygon invasion. Luckily, Pete and Chris have some help to find the answer: Alisa Stern, creator of Doctor Puppet, joins the podcast as we build toward a final verdict on the timeline-altering world-record-setting special. The Whoniverse may have changed since those time-locked events of 2013, but we're revisiting them not a Moment too soon.

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Story Essentials:

  • 50th Anniversary Special

  • Story number: 243, according to The Pull to Open Codex

  • Production code 7.2/001

  • Writer: Steven Moffat

  • Showrunner: Moffat

  • Aired 23 November 2013

Pull To Open: The Day of the Doctor

  • Season 2

  • Episode 22

Hosts: Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor

Outro music: Chronos by Alexander Nakarada

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