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A Little More Magna, a Little Less Carta (Abdicating "The King's Demons")

A Little More Magna, a Little Less Carta (Abdicating "The King's Demons")

After "Planet of Fire," the show bounces back to Kamelion's first and only other appearance in Doctor Who, "The King's Demons." What is it about this shapchanging robot from Xeriphas that's inspired the TARDIS Randomizer to make us take stock of Kamelion's onscreen life, but in reverse order? Regardless, Chris and Pete pull out their history books (as well as their Ahistory books) to decode drunk British history and epic hits from the Crusades, not to mention Anthony Ainley's beard. Also: Because you demanded it — we provide the definitive review of the Fifth Doctor's celery in the 13th century.

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Story Essentials

  • Season 20, Serial 6

  • Story number: 128, per the The Pull To Open Codex

  • Production Code 6J

  • Writer: Terence Dudley

  • Producer: John Nathan-Turner

  • Aired 15 March – 16 March 1983

Pull To Open: The King's Demons

  • Season 2

  • Episode 2

Hosts: Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor

Outro music: Chronos by Alexander Nakarada

Pull To Open
Pull To Open
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